Photo by Wolf Zimmermann / Unsplash

She's Back

Playfully Serious May 3, 2023

Funny how much time is actually in the two months she's been gone from my life. It’s impossible to capture the perfect realization of the joy of being together (trust me, I’ve tried). Time brutally erodes it detail by detail from memory making you feel like it was all a hazy dream.

Perhaps it's supposed to be this way. The body and mind aiding in our ever changing evolution by deadening the memories of what we used to love. To encourage us to let go and find a new love. To keep going and survive as a species.


We will never forget how they made us feel. Try as time might, it can’t steal that from us.

Perversely, we are even haunted, pleasurably, by these feelings. The indescribable sensation of seeing her disappear from view. Unaware of when she will return.

Living without her has been a constant daily reminder of what I used to have. I had not foreseen and had not prepared myself for how biblically lost I felt for weeks. Like a table cloth at a magic show, one moment she was there, and then she wasn’t. No choice but to re-learn how to live, but without her.

Just when daily life had began to seep with some semblance of normalcy, something happened. As abruptly as when she left, she returned.

Every single one of my senses was on high alert upon her surprise arrival. What memories that had faded into dreams are now rejuvenated vibrant candy for my eyes. Her dulcet tones wrapping around my ear drums erasing the dissipating echoes into a symphony of sound. The pure grace and class felt with every interaction of her body. My spine tingled so much I confused it for a light seizure.

Drunk with gratitude, I take a beat and step back to regain my composure. A barrage of joy-filled memories flood my already overwhelmed self. All I am able to muster is a dumbfounded catatonic gaze.


My four-wheeled sanctuary has returned...

And life... Is good...