Photo by Skye Studios / Unsplash

Consistent Contentness

Oct 16, 2021

When you find something that just works, you stick with it.

That consistent contentness* is pure magic in itself.

No need for creativity when you have your steady rock right there to fulfill your basic primary human needs of...


This is where I introduce the star of the show, but do I really need to? Don't you already have the star of your own show?

The steady go-to MVP of your pantry?

The one you buy in bulk and have multiples of and tell yourself that you can never have enough too many of.

Although... If you ate it for just two meals in a row... You would realize that reality is a cruel, cruel mistress.

Immediately you contemplate all your life choices leading up to this specific point of time in your life, all because you overexposed yourself on your consistent contentness…

By one.

Just one.

Therein lies the magic of my daily, steady go-to meal. Gently agitated scrambled eggs adorned atop a pair of cinnamon-raisin toasts touched with a caramelized layer of crust given to it from my artisanal toaster, finished with a healthy portion of butter continuing to melt into every porous hole that I devoured for breakfast…

Leaving me..

Consistently content.

*(I am aware “contentness” is not a real word.)